Services Provided

With credentials ranging from the area’s finest hotels and banquet rooms to your neighbor’s backyard, we can suit practically any mood or preference. Since 1991 Andy Maroney has performed Master of Ceremonies duties at hundreds of events from New York to California ranging from the casual (say, clambake or birthday party) to the very formal (weddings are his specialty).

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Andy continues to provide the highest quality service at very reasonable prices. Over 20 years of wedding reception and corporate experience make the difference between “just good music” and a high-energy PAR-TAAAY. The interactive aspect of a DJ who can read and respond to a crowd vibe is something you won’t get by plugging in an iPod. Lossless audio played through high-quality speakers powered by professional amps sounds better too. Being the sole representative of the company, Andy always provides personal consultations before every formal event to ensure the utmost attention to detail. A list of professional references from recent functions where he has performed is available upon request. But don’t take it from us, just ask Yelp!

Unlike some DJ services that have a need to become the center of attention, we are there to enhance your event, not turn it into a “show”…unless, of course, that’s what you are looking for. No inflatable instruments, no silly hats. Sorry, we don’t do that. That’s for the photo booth. We also promise to never, ever force you onto the dance floor and make you do the “chicken dance” or some dumb line dance…ever.

We come equipped with Shure and Electro-Voice wireless microphones so if you or a guest has the urge to belt out an oldie you can sing along…if you must. Fortunately, we also have a volume control for those microphones. The mics can also be used for toasts, blessings, speeches, and so on. Karaoke services are currently not available.

Using a Bose/Denon/Crown pro sound system and an enormous song library of lossless music that spans several decades we offer an incredible array of music options to suit practically every taste. Modern MIDI technology also allows us to manipulate the music in a multitude of ways so we can do live remixing and “mash-ups” for a true club atmosphere if that’s what you’re looking for. We can even go to an “all vinyl” format for a true retro feel. If you’re a real audio nut like Andy you’ll appreciate the attention to quality. If you want to know more, just call and ask.